Our knowledge and attention to detail make it so you do not need to fear the taxman.

We can calculate and file your HST and payroll liabilities.

Efficient Filing Methods

We only use the most efficient methods to save you time. This includes importing your bank and credit card statements directly into our software and then posting each transaction to the correct account.


Maximum Deductions

We will make sure you claim all your eligible deductions and credits, including those that are not listed on your business’ bank statement. These expenses include business use of personal vehicle, home office, depreciation, etc.


CRA No Problem

Never fear when the Canada Revenue Agency reaches out review or audit your business account. If you choose to have us complete your bookkeeping, we will happily represent you and comply with all their requests.


Be mindful that the Canada Revenue Agency can request receipts back 6 years, so it is necessary to keep all your receipts on file.

We Can Help!

We continue to update our technology so we can offer you the most efficient and affordable bookkeeping services.

Having us handle your bookkeeping will make our year-end accounting services much easier. This will save you time and money while ensuring you meet your filing deadlines.

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